Building Demolition Services in Calgary

Are you in the market for demolition services? No matter if it’s a full building or selective demolition, CNLC Construction is the name to call for both Calgary Demolition  services  We have the necessary equipment, methods ,safety record and expertise needed to deal with your project with the care and precision it deserves.

Abatement is controlled demolition. Therefore, when we decide to begin a demolition project, we know it would be an excellent fit.

Keep in mind that demolition is more than simply knocking down those unwanted structures. Total demolition is planned; consider safe removal of the entire structure, whether it’s old, unwanted, or condemned. Selective or partial demolition is the strategic removal of particular materials or spaces only, such as gutting a bathroom or kitchen before starting a remodeling project. Let us provide you an estimate and a site assessment , so we can see the service are and the scope of the project. We are demolition experts and have been in the demolition industry for years.

Choose Only the Best Demolition Company in Calgary, AB!

As a licensed contractor, we provide reasonable demolition services from small tasks to a total teardown of your whole home or other structures. Our demolition contractors are fully geared to take care of the partial deconstruction or gutting of buildings or homes before the remodeling project even begins. our results as demolition experts ,excavation services , rock breaking, and project management are tops in Calgary

Razing services also involve the complete removal of any building, pool, driveway, shed, or home slated for demo.

Selective Calgary Demolition

In most situations, a demolition job is required for only a part of a structure or building. When that happens, selective demolition from a dependable building demolition service in Calgary is the service you need. Irrespective of the project’s size, our team makes this complete experience hassle-free. On top of that, we take pride in causing less or no distraction and inhibition to your building’s workers or residents.

The remaining building structure in which the selection demolition is being done won’t be harmed throughout the procedure.

Full Building Demolition

These days, renovation projects need a quick turnaround. For those demands to be met, it is crucial to work with a demolition service in Calgary that can guarantee a smooth turnaround on the project to be done.

For property owners out there, we are that company. Our skilled and experienced demolition team does full building demolition effectively and makes safety our number one priority.


People spend a huge amount of time planning to build houses. However, no one ever really contemplates tearing them down.

Keep in mind that some residential buildings have lived a wonderful life and only need to come down. Once they do, it is extremely crucial to have a skilled, professional, and well geared residential demolition team in Calgary.

At CNLC Construction, we provide only the finest residential demolition services in Calgary AB, and we would be glad to do the job for you!

We take pride in our skills, knowledge, and expertise to get the task done effectively and safely. Furthermore, we also deal with a lot of logistical details, which are part of the whole teardown stage, like securing permits, doing utility disconnects, following proper water management, and so much more.

Would you like to get the demolition job done right for the first time? Then there is no better experts to call than us.

We understand that when we talk about demolition, the process should be customized to the job. No matter if you like to demolish the whole house or concentrate on specific aspects of it, like deck, garage, or pool, our professionals understands how to present your demolition project on time and on budget, effectively, and safely.

No residential demolition project is too complicated or difficult for our skilled experts to take care of. If you are in Calgary, AB, or the surrounding regions, feel free to give us a call today.


We have many years of expertise dealing with demolition projects all over Calgary and the surrounding areas. Are you planning to tear down a warehouse? Maybe you’re considering a multi-floor office complex. Whatever the case, we can offer you our guarantee that we will get the task done on a budget, on time, and smoothly.

Most typical joes do not have a fleet of excavators lying around for demolition jobs. However, we would be lying if we said we’re just one of those building demolition services in Calgary. So, why choose our professionals? That’s a question we anticipate all our clients would ask.

Below are the basic answers to that:

Safety Guaranteed

It does not matter how fast or efficient the job is performed. When there’s an incident on the job site, no one wins. When you choose us, you can rest assured we take everyone’s safety seriously and follow all standards . We concentrate on professionalism. We carry all liability insurance and ensure both the service area is cleaned up properly and safely. this include all recycling and interior demolition components are cleaned up.

Demolition can be extremely risky for many different reasons. But we offer the guarantee that there won’t be any collateral damage, neither to property nor people.

Always on Budget

We provide competitive rates, and we remain true to the quote we present in the initial consultation. After all, nobody’s budget is infinite, and we will not burden you with any hidden charges, deceptive pricing practices, or surprise costs.

That’s why we do not charge until the task is done. We have not finished the job until you are totally happy with the result.

Always on Time

No one casually demolishes a building, right? There’s always a reason behind it. Further, it is the type of job you cannot simply twiddle your thumbs and wait around on. That’s why our demolition commercial experts respects the urgency of our customers, and we can assure you that your commercial demolition project will be carried on time.


A crucial part of any site preparation before any construction stage is the removal of any existing foundations. That could be as easy as an open area like a parking facility to the foundations after a structural demolition.

Our services are facilitated with a fleet of operated excavators geared with hydraulic breaker attachments and improved rock buckets to deal with all materials that might constitute the construction of the foundation.

With our trained and skilled demolition contractors, we undertake all foundation removal thoroughly and methodically. Keeping our end goal in mind, our process involves the processing of materials based on their end-use, offering maximum efficiency through the project stages.

Our Cleanup Process

As a trusted demolition business in Calgary, AB, we know that the procedure of demolishing a building creates a huge number of debris and dust. That’s why we make sure to master our demolition cleanup process.

We do our work within a negative pressure setting to keep all dust and debris from traveling to occupied regions. That safeguards the building occupants from fiberglass, silica, and other nuisance dust causing advertise health impacts.

We Are The Company You Can Always Trust!

Are you in immediate need of an experienced and professional demolition? Maybe you predict the need in the following months. Whatever the case might be, we are the demolition residential experts to call. We are always happy to help you with your next projects.

On top of that, our contractors has comprehensive knowledge and training when it comes to demolitions, safety, and how to keep debris and dust from roaming to occupied spaces of the building. You can rest assured we take in what we do and strive to go beyond customer expectations with each job we take.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to find out more details about the services we offer as a building demolition company in Calgary, AB!

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