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Demolition Contractor Services in Calgary

At CNLC Construction, we understand the complexities and requirements involved in preparing your site for new construction, which is why we offer comprehensive demolition services tailored to meet your needs in Calgary. Our team’s commitment to quality and safety ensures your project is in capable hands from start to finish.

Services Offered

Our demolition services encompass a broad range of projects, including both residential and commercial/industrial structures. From dismantling small outbuildings to clearing large sites, our experienced team is equipped with the skills and machinery needed to complete jobs efficiently and effectively.


With years of hands-on experience in the demolition industry, we have successfully managed numerous projects in Calgary, showcasing our ability to tackle challenges and deliver results that exceed expectations.


Our team is fully licensed and possesses the required qualifications to perform demolition work safely and legally. We stay updated on industry standards, ensuring our practices meet all regional regulations and codes.

Calgary Location

As a local Calgary-based operation, CNLC Construction is deeply familiar with the city's landscape, building codes, and environmental policies, positioning us as your ideal local demolition contractor.


We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your project timelines, ensuring minimal disruption and timely completion of the demolition phase.

Local Projects

Our portfolio includes a variety of demolition projects across Calgary, from residential teardowns to commercial clearance. Each project has contributed to our reputation as reliable and efficient contractors in the region.

Customer Reviews

Satisfied customers are our greatest advocates. Their reviews highlight our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, reinforcing our standing as a top choice for demolition services in Calgary.


Affording our clients transparency and fairness in pricing is fundamental to our business approach at CNLC Construction.

Cost Estimates

We provide detailed, no-obligation estimates based on your specific project requirements, ensuring clear understanding of costs involved before any work begins.

Payment Options

Our billing practices are designed for convenience, offering several payment methods to suit your preferences and ensure smooth financial transactions.

Safety Precautions

Safety is paramount in demolition work. At CNLC Construction, we have established a comprehensive safety program that adheres to the highest standards.

Insurance Coverage

All our operations are fully insured, providing peace of mind and protection for our clients, staff, and the public.

Equipment Used

Utilizing the latest technology and machinery, we ensure our equipment is up to date and maintained to the highest standards, minimizing risks and enhancing efficiency on the job site.

Waste Disposal Methods

We are committed to responsible waste management, employing methods that reduce environmental impact, including recycling and proper disposal of demolition debris.

Environmental Considerations

CNLC Construction prioritizes environmental sustainability in all our demolition projects, employing strategies that align with our commitment to protecting the planet.

Recycling Practices

Where possible, we recycle materials recovered from demolition sites, contributing to the conservation of resources and reduction of landfill waste.

Sustainability Efforts

Our sustainability efforts extend beyond recycling, including measures to minimize energy use and prevent pollution, demonstrating our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Contact Information

Ready to discuss your demolition project in Calgary? CNLC Construction is here to help. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation:

  • Phone Number: +1 (587) 830-2652
  • Email Address:
  • Website URL: [Please Contact Us for URL]

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