Heavy Equipment Contractor Calgary

Heavy Equipment Contractor Calgary

You need a heavy equipment contractor for excavation and demolition if you want to prepare a site for a new building. At CNLC Construction, we offer excavation and demolition services in Calgary, AB, for a wide variety of projects. We will take care of all your construction needs safely and efficiently, whether one acre or hundreds. Here are some of the heavy equipment we operate to carry out the excavation and demolition process. 


Bulldozers are versatile machines, thanks to their power and size. It's equipped with flat and broad blades on the front that can push large masses of earth. At CNLC Construction, we use bulldozers for grading because their sheer power and mass can flatten anything that comes to their path. We have different sizes of bulldozers and give you more options depending on the kind of excavation and demolition job you want to carry out.


The primary function of an excavator is to dig and clear out construction areas. Excavators can also perform different tasks, such as cutting and demolishing structures. Most of an excavator's versatility lies in attachments such as drills, hammers, grapples, and rakes. An excavator can rotate 360 degrees, allowing versatility that you can't get from other heavy equipment. At CNLC Construction, our heavy equipment contractor can operate an excavator if you have an excavation and demolition project.


Trenchers are used for digging trenches. These machines can also be used to remove the excavated soil carefully. A trencher can be fitted with different digging tools depending on the situation. It can be fitted with a metal chain to tear up the ground. Trenchers utilize other digging components depending on the hardness of the material and depth of cut.


This piece of heavy equipment consists of a tractor-like system fitted with a loader-style bucket/shovel on the front. We use a backhoe for various tasks, including construction, small demolitions, excavation, landscaping, light transportation of building materials, breaking asphalt, and paving roads. Their compact size and versatility make them one of the most common construction vehicles.


Grader is another type of heavy equipment we use for excavation and demolition. It has an operating cabin located at the top of the rear axle. A grader has a horizontal blade within the rear and front wheels, which can be lowered into the ground while working. A grader can be used to clear and level the soil surface. Also used to remove unnecessary layers from the ground, flatten the soil's surface before laying asphalt, remove snow or dirt from the streets.

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If you need a heavy equipment contractor in Calgary to demolish abandoned building or structure, the team at CNLC Construction got you covered. Our contractor can take care of all your excavating, demolition, site prep, and grading using our heavy equipment to ensure that your site is ready for development in no time. Contact us today at 587-830-2652 if you're interested in our services.

Heavy Equipment Contractor Calgary

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